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Welcome to the Best Known Attorney Podcast, where attorneys and legal marketers can learn how to expand their practice and increase profits by mastering their online presence, and business practices.

Hosted by Attorney Michael Goldstein, a bankruptcy attorney with 20 years of experience, and Josh Wheeler, a Google Ads and social media marketing expert, this podcast features interviews with successful attorneys and marketing experts who share their best practices for building a strong online presence and attracting new clients.
Each week, listeners will learn tips and strategies for leveraging the power of the internet to grow their law firm, whether they are just starting out or looking to take their existing practice to the next level.

Join Attorney Michael Goldstein and Josh Wheeler as they help accelerate the growth of your law firm through effective internet marketing and improved business processes and procedures.

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Insider Secrets from Bankruptcy Attorney Jill Phillips on how to build a Successful Referral Network

In this episode of our podcast, we sit down with bankruptcy attorney Jill Phillips to discuss the ins and outs of referral practices for bankruptcy cases. Jill shares her expertise on what makes the best referral from other types of lawyers and how she leveraged those referral relationships to grow her law practice. Whether you’re an attorney looking to expand your referral network or simply interested in the inner workings of the legal industry, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in to hear Jill’s insights and advice on how to effectively build and maintain referral relationships in the field of bankruptcy law.

Season 1, Episode 1    |    31min

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